Evening primrose oil on hair – questions and answers

Evening primrose have always been and will be a valued in the cosmetic industry. The plant is common, widely available and provides tremendous effects in the care of hair as well as skin. Why evening primrose oil is almost irreplaceable? How does it work on hair? How to treat your strands with it to make the best of it?

We would like to answer the most frequently asked questions considering this small plant with yellow flowers. 

beauty.jpg1. What is evening primrose oil?

It is a yellow oil that is extracted from seeds. The Latin name of this product is oleum oenotherae. It is obtained in the process of cold pressing because only this way it will retain its valuable properties.

2. What does evening primrose oil consist of?

Evening primrose oil is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially linoleic acid – 75%. It also offers a diversity of vitamins, mainly vitamin E which is a natural and strong antioxidant. Evening primrose oil also contains a wealth of phytosterols which are responsible for moisturising wisps and soothing scalp irritations. Additionally, they have the ability to stimulate collagen synthesis.

3. How does evening primrose oil work on hair?

Evening primrose oil will take nurture, protect and regenerate even the most damaged, dry and brittle hair. The product strengthens bulbs, makes strands grow stronger, and healthier. What is more, it takes a great care of scalp. It will cleanse it from toxins, and regulate the secretion of sebum. The cosmetic will not only protect hair from damages but also provide shine and softness.

4. What hair type is evening primrose oil suitable for?

The content of omega-6 fatty acid makes the oil suitable for high porosity hair – of very weak condition. High porosity hair require constant regeneration. It must be regularly moisturised, nourished and strengthen from the outside as well as inside. Evening primrose oil is perfect for this job – a part of its particles will penetrate inside to the interior of the hair shaft and regenerate. At the same time, a group of particles will create a microscopic film that will protect strands from damages.

5. How to oil hair with the use of evening primrose oil?

It is best to apply evening primrose oil on both hair and scalp. One tablespoon of oil should be enough for a single treatment of hair oiling. Remember that evening primrose oil must be thoroughly rubbed into your scalp and distributed evenly all over your strands. Additionally, it is advisable to wrap your hair in a towel because natural oils work best in warm environment. You should wait about an hour (when it comes to extremely damaged hair it would be better to leave the cosmetic in overnight) and then, wash it off with a gentle shampoo, free of comedogenic substances and strong detergents.

Furthermore, evening primrose oil can be used as a serum for split ends (it ought to be applied on damp or dry ends – even several times during the day), or as a mask, right after washing.

Caution! Before washing your wisps, you can feel free to apply the oil n your scalp, because after the treatment, you will wash everything off. If you want to use the product after washing your strands – remember to apply it only on the wisps, from the ear level down.