Natural beauty care. What’s better: evening primrose or almond oil?

If you really mean to repair your hair and restore youthness to skin, you’re gonna need a strongly-working, natural ingredient. Some of you choose vitamin-dense evening primrose oil whereas others go for ultra-light almond oil (especially Nanoil Sweet Almond Oil). It’s time we chose the best beauty oil to use at home.

organic almond oil

Evening primrose oil vs sweet almond oil

Both oils are popular and used for beauty purposes. They abound in valuable unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins (incl. vitamin E), plant sterols as well as minerals.

Consistency and goldish color is another thing they have in common, and that’s what we love about natural oils. These golden formulas hold beauty and health that can be transferred to hair and skin. There’s one condition: regular use.

Still, you should know the differences between evening primrose oil and almond oil:

  • almond oil works much more gently and doesn’t cause irritation even in sensitive skin
  • evening primrose oil does contain omega acids and vitamin E yet less than almond oil
  • almond oil works for all types of hair whereas evening primrose oil only suits highly-porous hair
  • only almond oil has such strong antioxidative effect, fights cellulite and stretch marks

Sweet almond oil, that is no 1 in natural care

If we really care for natural and effective skin and hair care, we must reach for a tried and tested product, and hands down almond oil is the one.

The best one is Nanoil Almond Oil: cold-pressed, unrefined, 100% organic, extracted from sweet almonds, without useless aromas and parabens, all-natural.
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Because natural almond oil equals the power of nutrients (vitamin E, other vitamins and minerals, phytosterols, unsaturated omega acids), it is efficient in daily care.

You can use Nanoil Almond Oil as:

  • deep-conditioning hair oil treatment
  • soothing scalp treatment
  • make-up removing oil
  • day or night moisturizer
  • body-firming massage oil
  • nail conditioner
  • natural body lotion

Nanoil Almond Oil. What are its properties?

It’s a very light, fast-absorbed oil which – after the very first use – leaves skin feeling silky smooth.

Almond oil is known for excellent antioxidant, anti-cellulite and revitalizing effect. It has soothing, deeply-nourishing, moisturising properties, as well as protects against many harmful factors. All that makes Nanoil Almond Oil work great – on condition that we use it on a regular basis.

best almond oil

  • Restores youthness and vitality to mature skin.
  • Soothes various irritations.
  • Evens out skin tone, reduces hyperpigmentation, boosts shine.
  • Prevents stretch marks and reduces existing ones.
  • Rejuvenates e.g. by smoothing fine lines.
  • Secures against the sun and thus reduces photoaging.
  • Enhances natural repair of skin and hair.
  • Firms up skin minimizing cellulite.
  • Brings back hair elasticity and softness.
  • Keeps nails from splitting and prevents breakage.

All these benefits and many others can be acheived by using Nanoil Almond Oil for skin, nails and hair.

How to use this oil? It’s the easiest thing you can imagine. Use it, for instance, in its pure form: smooth a few drops over the skin or hair, and gently massage it in until absorbed. If you want to use it to remove makeup, all you need is a cotton pad and some warm water. You can try mixing it with other oils to make DIY beauty products.